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Do I Need a Tax Law Attorney?

What Northern California Consumers Need to Know About Working With a Taxation Lawyer

For a lot of Americans, taxes can be a confusing and even overwhelming part of every day life. The Internal Revenue Service requires most Americans to file an income tax return each year. “income” typically includes any earnings, commissions, tips, capital gains, IRA distributions, dividends, unemployment benefits, Social Security benefits, and alimony that was received during the year.

An experienced tax law attorney can help you by identifying important deductions, credits, and exemptions that could potentially have a positive benefit on your tax burden. A tax lawyer can also represent your interests if you fail to file taxes or file them improperly. If you are audited by the IRS, it might be best to consult with a qualified tax attorney.

You may want to seek out an attorney if:

  • You have been audited by the IRS
  • Have failed to pay your taxes
  • Have committed tax fraud
  • Committed employment tax evasion schemes
  • Had your wages garnished by the IRS
  • Among others…

To learn more about hiring an attorney, read our Guide to Hiring a Lawyer section.

If you are considering hiring an attorney, you should consider talking with several before choosing one. To search for tax lawyers in Northern California, begin now by browsing our law firm directory, or click on your county link on this page to search for the firms closest to you. To learn more about tax law, go to our Learn About Tax Law section.